These amulet bags are made in even-stitch tubular peyote (see Emily's Mining Company webpage for instructions). I use prescription bottles as a support (specific sizes are listed below).

Here's the pattern I graphed out this weekend--now that I've posted it, I hope I have the incentive to finish the bag quickly.

Download Paintbrush Template

(right click on image to save template)

This pattern is 60 beads around--a similar version of this bag can be viewed in the gallery. The flap can be completed using flat peyote or it can be omitted. To attach the neckpiece, I've made a loop of brick-stitch; before attaching it to the other side of the bag, I slide a split ring onto the loop.

This is the pattern for the pink bag (see the gallery), again stitched in tubular peyote. To attach the neckpiece, I stitch a split-ring to the "up" bead, then needle back into the purse to reinforce that area.

 I wanted to do this one in greens (but switched to purples). Once I'm in the mood to do peyote again, I'll finish this bag & post the image.

Art Deco Amulet bag

This bag is begins with a 66 bead tube (I used an 8 1/2 dram prescription bottle).

Blue Jean Amulet bag

This bag is 56 beads around. I used a 6 dram prescription bottle for this one.

This bag is also 56 beads around. The image is posted in the gallery.